About Solutions For Housing

Social housing providers are demanding new solutions, new ideas and new ways of working to meet the challenges of economic pressures, continuously increasing service demands from its customers and the requirements of regulators and service inspectors. Achieving ‘more for less’ within a flexible, responsive and sustainable organisation has never been more relevant than it is today.


Solutions for Housing seek to meet (and hopefully exceed) these demands by assisting organisations to improve their businesses by working smarter, faster, leaner, more efficiently and economically.

Innovation, responsiveness and working in partnership with housing organisations to improve their businesses are central to our aims.

We combine best practice, the latest thinking and business improvement techniques together with our own range of innovative products and services, to offer a unique set of business solutions to the social housing sector, which can be implemented at relatively low cost to your business.

We make it our business to develop new innovative products and services, designed by experts within the sector and piloted with a core of social housing providers, prior to launching to the wider market. Why do we do innovative work? We believe in the old saying, ‘if all you ever do is do the same, all you every get is the same results’. Social housing providers keep telling us that they don’t want the same results, they want better results, for less cost and a guarantee that it works!!

We bring our knowledge, experience, and business acumen and combine them with your teams’ in-depth knowledge of your organisation to produce what we believe is a winning formula for success.

Our aim is to help you achieve your goals as efficiently as possible, bringing a fresh approach where necessary and using consultants who are receptive to your views and ideas.

Strong businesses are built on strong foundations.