Cost Base Reviews for Social Housing Landlords

Solutions for Housing is a specialist consultancy focused on improving business excellence in the social housing sector.

Cost Base Reviews involve:

  1. Objective review of the organisation’s operating cost base.
  2. Identification of cost reduction opportunities.
  3. Developing cost reduction programmes.
  4. Focused cost benchmarking.
  5. Training staff to understand key cost drivers and how these can be controlled and managed. 
  6. Understanding financial risks.
  7. Training staff to understand what waste is and how to go about eliminating it.
  8. Ensuring cost reductions do not compromise service quality.
  9. Procurement spend analysis.
  10. Procurement reviews - examining processes and expenditure profiles to identify opportunities for process and spend efficiencies to be gained.

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Training on Taking the Waste and Non-Value Added Activity Out of Your Organisation

With the increasing pressure on social landlord budgets, organisations need to maximise the effectivess of resources and that means only doing work that adds value to the customer and the organisation. Working smarter and not harder, you can take the waste out and reduce the unnecessary costs whilst not reducing service levels. Doing more for the same or even less can be achieved if you know how.

We offer low-cost (i.e. good value for money) training sessions to social housing landlords to introduce them to the subject of taking waste and non-value adding activity out of the organisation.

Outcomes from training:

  1. Over time costs should fall.
  2. Productivity should rise as the waste is taken out.
  3. Reduction in staff time, effort, errors, space needed, direct and indirect costs, duplications.
  4. Improvement in customer satisfaction.
  5. Increase in internal efficiency - doing more for the same or even less.
  6. Higher rate of 'right service right first time'.
  7. Improvement in staff morale as they engage in the process. 

Training sessions will be provided at your offices and can be for up to 12 delegates at a time. Find out more about our low cost training by emailing us at: and requesting an information pack.