Service Reviews for Social Housing Landlords

Solutions for Housing is a specialist consultancy focused on improving business excellence in the social housing sector. Our field of expertise is in the provision of Service Review Models which enable you to take control of your own service review work using a structure approach and expert support and delivered at the fraction of traditional consultancy prices.


 Repairs and Maintenance Service Review Model

The Service Review Model for Repairs and Maintenance is an innovative, easy to use model, designed to assist Directors or Managers to conduct a complete self-assessment of their repairs and maintenance function and to take control of their own service review work in a structured approach.

Updated for 2010/11 for the latest TSA standards and recognising the new era of self-regulation and evidence based self assessment,this comprehensive model combines service reviews with benchmarking, allowing you to gain a complete understanding of how well your Repairs and Maintenance function is performing not only internally, but also with its peers and against excellent service standards.

Benefits to you:

1. Ensures that you are TSA/ Audit Commission Inspection ready.
2. Enables you to focus attention on under-performing elements of the R&M function.
3. All service information held in one
place, within a structured model, allowing you to take informed decisions.
4. Provides a complete view of cost, quality, performance and effectiveness.
5. Demonstrates where you are in comparison with your peers.
6. Assists with performance target setting going forwards.
7. Saves you money by targeting your resources at the right areas.

 The model provides:

1. Full Value for Money assessment of your R&M function (VFM is a new TSA standard).
2. Full Best Value Review against the four 'C's.
3. Full self-assessment against KLOE 3.
4. Scored measure of each of the business areas within the R&M function, for you to understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie.
5. Indicative score of the likely star rating from an inspection.
6.Comprehensive service benchmarking.
7. Output against TSA standard and key information for your annual report to tenants.

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Other work that we do in this area: 

  • See our Value for Money page for details of our Self Assessment Model.
  • See our DLO Review page for details of our DLO Service Review Model.
  • We also conduct structured service reviews using Lean Thinking methodology designed to improve the cost, quality and effectiveness of services by:
  1. Examining ways of providing services that better respond to customers’ needs at the same or lower costs.
  2. Incorporating best value techniques and value for money assessments.
  3. Providing opportunities to pilot new ideas, approaches and ways of doing things.
  4. Involving customers in determining how services should be delivered.

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