Value For Money In Social Housing

 If you want to:

  • Save money within your organisation,
  • Understand where you waste money,
  • Save staff effort in reviewing VFM - we'll do it so that they can concentrate on the day job,
  • Get more out for what you put in,
  • Understand where you Value for Money opportunities lie,
  • Undertake VFM benchmarking and develop VFM targets,
  • Have a money back guarantee that our VFM reviews work, then come and talk to Solutions for Housing.

As experts in Value for Money (VFM) in housing, we have carried out numerous Value for Money reviews for social housing landlords and we can add real value to your business. We can review your organisation for VFM, or you can do it for yourselves using our VFM self-assessment model (see below) for which you can even take a FREE trial and try before you buy.

We offer a full range of VFM options to fit your budget. We know that your resources are precious that's why we offer a money back guarantee that we deliver, we'll take the all risk so you don't have to. Request our free information pack on what we offer at: and ask for 'VFM options'.


Value for Money(VFM) Self-Assessment Model


New for 2010/11, this self-assessment model will enable your organisation to conduct its own review of Value for Money (for front line services and back office support services) using expert knowledge and a structured approach. If you want to:
  •  Have a complete picture of the VFM of your services at your fingertips in terms of cost, quality, performance and effectiveness,
  • Know exactly where you are instead of thinking you know (and then receiving a nasty surprise at inspection),
  • Save time and effort by having all your VFM review work properly co-ordinated,
  • Learn the latest tips and advice for how to be successful at inspection (our model has been developed with assistance from former Audit Commission inspectors, learn what they look for and what they need to see from you),
  • Be able to set clear VFM targets going forwards for your teams based on a comprehensive understanding of where you are and what you peers are doing,
  • Target your resources at the right areas which will produce real improvements in business critical areas, rather than using a scattergun approach and hoping you get something right.

This model provides a comprehensive VFM review at organisational level and then drills down into department and then team level to understand where VFM strengths and weaknesses lie. Full assessment against KLOE 32 is provided, full output against the TSA’s VFM standard, VFM benchmarking against peers is provided,indicative star rating of what your service would receive in an inspection and much more. All this comes in one easy to use model.

Please note we also have a Welsh version of the VFM Self-Assessment model with output against the Welsh Regulatory Code - VFM elements.

For more information and details of special offers on the VFM self assessment model that we have at the present time, then email us at: for your free VFM information pack.

 Other Value for Money work in social housing that we carry out: 

  • VFM comparison service for Gas Servicing and repairs - our low cost comparison service for social housing landlords who want to check the level of VFM offered by their current approach to Gas servicing and repairs. Email us at the address below for an information pack.
  • VFM strategies – developing new strategies or refreshing existing ones. Based on developing detailed position statements of what level of VFM is currently being delivered, the strategy then details how you will achieve your VFM objectives with full prioritised action plans and embedding strategy.
  • VFM SMART action plans - developing and if necessary overseeing their implementation (prioritising 'quick wins' to gain early momentum) or acting as a 'critical friend'.
  • VFM in-depth service reviews (front and back office) designed to challenge existing forms of service provision, identify waste, inefficiency, service failure, non-value adding activity and to identify a range of opportunities to improve the service with identified quantified VFM gains for each.
  • Lean VFM service reviews - working with your teams to focus properly on your customers, identify how the work gets done, manage, improve and smooth the process flow, remove non-value adding steps and waste, reducing variation in services and involving and equiping people in the process to get the required service right first time.
  • VFM performance indicators - identifying those critical indicators that contribute the most to improving Value for Money.
  • VFM impact assessments - understanding and quantifying the impact that VFM initiatives have made on the organisation and its customers
  • KLOE 32 gap analysis - objective analysis of where you really stand on the KLOE, identifying the gap and prioritising plans for improvement.
  • VFM benchmarking - with over 40 organisations on the VFM self-assessment model we have an enviable database of information to tap into.

We also have an information pack available on the full range of options available from Solutions for Housing in connection with Value for Money. These options offer complete flexibility for your organisation and the range will suit any budget. Just email us at: and we'll send the full information pack to you.